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to our safe and inclusive Nest

A nurturing space for you to explore freely whatever you’re experiencing with our qualified team of therapistsWhether it’s the challenges a relationship brings, or individual struggles with grief, loss, anxiety, depression or transition, we’re on your side.  

Nest Psychotherapy & Counselling is a place for you to feel supported and empowered to work through whatever has come up for you in this moment in a way that works for you. A place that creates the space for you to feel heard either in person or online.


Nest Psychotherapy & Counselling has relationship resources for individuals and couples.

We work with you in an environment of affirmation, compassion and warmth to process your emotions, understand the issues and develop strategies to integrate them in your life.

We celebrate each individuals uniqueness. We are affirming of all humans with an acknowledgment of the experiences of marginalization that can come with diversity.

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The Relationship Retreat is a unique approach that is HOPE and FUTURE focused and can help get your relationship back on track quickly.

From our nest to yours

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