I am passionate about working with people to explore what is bringing challenges to or from their relationships and to then finding a path to deep connection and healthy communication. I do this empathetically and respectfully using my clinical skills and training in modalities including Process Work, Mindfulness and the Gottman Method.

Research supports that when a couple engage in therapy intensively to begin with and gradually lessen the frequency it is more effective in achieving long term satisfaction with the outcomes.

Our initial stage of sessions and assessment allows an in-depth insight into your relationship and is conducted over 4 sessions and an online Relationship Check-Up.  We will then engage in regular therapy sessions of which I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions.

The outline of the first 4 sessions is:

  • Couples initial session with both partners – 90 minutes

  • Online Relationship Check-up – 90 minutes (approx.) this can be done from home and both parties need to complete this before the next step. 

  • Individual therapy session for each partner – 60 minutes each

  • Therapy Plan session with both partners present – 90 minutes

The cost for each session is as follows:

  • 60 minute individual session - $110

  • 60 minute  sessions - $180

  • 90 minute sessions - $230

As mentioned, an intensive approach is proven to work best.  Therefore, I suggest the first stage of our work to be completed over a period of 1 to 2 weeks. The therapy stage is approached in a similar way with multiple session a week.  This can be conducted using back to back sessions if that is best for your schedule.

Whilst this is how research suggests that we approach therapy for best results, it is also important for us to be mindful of what is possible and achievable for you and your partner, therefore I encourage a conversation about how we can tailor it to best suit your individual needs.


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