What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy are likely to be interlinked during a therapy session and there are some common themes, but there are some important differences that you should be aware of so that you are fully in control of choosing the right path for you during your journey.


Counselling is the practice of talking through specific problems, generally in the present tense and focusing on solutions and ways to make changes. Whilst the word counsellor is generally used to describe an advisory role, keep in mind that during your therapeutic work with me it is different in that I will assist you and guide you to find the answers for yourself. Change and growth will happen organically and be more sustainable and beneficial if you have discovered the path yourself.


Psychotherapy is the practice of working through behaviours, patterns and chronic issues that cause the presenting issues. This can be done effectively when working with an holistic approach, treating the whole you including the unconscious mind, your environment and the body. 


A willingness is required from the client for your therapy to work effectively. I will help to support and guide you through what could be traumatic memories and strong emotions and this work can help you to change behaviours and patterns to make it possible for you to build strong and positive foundations for your future.


I like to think of the differences like this; counselling is tending to the leaves of the plant and psychotherapy is tending to the roots and the soil in which the plant grows. Both are important but different.

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